Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ramblings, a winner & some insta pics!

Well, well, well... look who is actually blogging!
After being M.I.A. for about two weeks I'm back for good.
A LOT has been going on around here lately..

Just to give you a short glimpse:
-my parents went to court for a custody battle over my brother & sister & I had to testify
-Darren got a new car
-I got laid off due to a reduction in workforce
-I signed up for my first ever "sort of" marathon [the graffiti run]
-I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my good friend Ashley's wedding
-Darren's best friend finally set a date for his wedding
-we've been apartment hunting

I don't want to go into depth on EVERYTHING or this post would go on forever & ever.
Basically, testifying was awful & I would prefer to NEVER do it EVER again.

Darren got a green 2012 Kia Soul & LOVES it. (& so do I!)

I lost my job last Friday.
***quick sidenote: I just so happened to be wearing a shirt that said "everything will be amazing" when I got laid off. just awesome haha***
My company was recently bought out by a larger company & I was told that "my position was no longer needed." Three other people in my department were laid off as well, including my manager. 
I'm not too sure what I'll do next... For now, I'll be a full time blogger ;]

I'm excited to do the graffiti run! I start the couch to 5k program tomorrow! Wish me luck!

& I have a dilemma. 
One of my good friends, Ashley, asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.
Her wedding happens to be the same day that Darren's best friend, Matt & Darren is the best man.
One wedding is in Houston & one is in Austin.. so it's impossible to make an appearance at both.
I want to be in Ashley's wedding, but I also don't want to miss Matt's wedding. 
Decisions, decisions.

Enough rambling... on to the good stuff!
I know this took me entirely too long to announce, but we have a winner for my $50 target gift card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Doneida!
I'll be emailing you shortly! So sorry it took me so long!

& I think I'll leave y'all with a photo recap since it's been a few weeks..
if you follow me on insta, sorry.. you've probably already seen all of these!
if not, you can follow me @kristenn26 :]

 darren & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary!
 some of the crafts I've done recently!
 EYB with my besties!
 my first rockets game, signed up for the graffiti run & the shirt I was wearing when I was laid off!
darren & wrinky, one of my good friends, Chelsea at her baby shower, new nails, & goodies in my birchbox & glam bag this month!

***never, ever, ever buy nail polish from francescas! I loveee their clothes & jewelry, but I painted my nails with their nail polish & the very next day 9/10 nails were chipped terribly. Save yourself the $6!***

anddd I'm out.
I'm exhausted.
Come back tomorrow for OHP! 

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