Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. [candy cane wreath]

Hello there!
I'm so excited for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. this week :)
Don't know what that is?! Check it out here.
It's only the coolest link up everrrr!
Since it's officially Christmas season I thought it would be appropriate to create a few Christmas pins!
This week I made a candy cane wreath!
This is the original pin:
This was such an easy project!
& it cost me approx. $3 to make.
Supplies you'll need:
-22 candy canes
-thin red ribbon (for the bows)
-hot glue gun
-hot glue (duh)
-thick or thin ribbon in the pattern of your choice
To make it:
one - you put a thin line of hot glue on the outside of one candy cane & attach the back of another candy cane to it
continue this on until you have 11 pairs of two
two - cut your thin red ribbon into about 6 inch strips (you'll need 11 bows)
three - tie each ribbon into a bow around each pair of candy canes
four - put a dab of hot glue on the tip of one candy cane & a dab on the bottom of the same candy cane & then attach the tip & bottom of another candy cane to it (in the shape of a heart)
hold it together for a few seconds to dry
continue on until all candy canes are attached in a circle
five - cut your thick or thin patterened ribbon into two strips (as long as you want, depending on how low you want the wreath to hang)
six - loop the cut ribbon around one candy cane "heart" & hot glue the ends together
This is mine:
Viola! There you have it!
(& yes I had to check the spelling of that ha)
I was going to say that was the easiest pinterest project ever...
But then there's this one that I recreated...
I'm working on another project right now that's better than both of these, it's just a little time consuming!
I'll save it for next week's Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
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I'll be back tomorrow with my last cruise recap of days four & five!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cara Box Exchange!

This month was my first month participating in the Cara Box Exchange!
I've been waiting to write this post since I got my box about a week & a half ago! :) :)
If you don't know what Cara Box is, you can check it out here at the lovely Kaitlyn's blog!
This month, I was paired with Brooke from cupcakes & tailgates & I'm so glad I got paired with her! She was seriously so sweet & I had fun getting to know her & reading her blog & I know we'll stay in touch :)
This month the theme was childhood.
Honestly at first I thought it would be a little difficult, but I had SO MUCH FUN picking out stuff to put in my Brooke's box!
I hope she loved it as much as I loved making it!
Now, on to the good stuff ;)
Brooke did a GREAT job with my box!
I wish I had taken more pictures, but I didn't... :(
Next month I will for sure!
Anyways, she had asked me what my favorite movie was when I was a kid & I said the Little Rascals so she found a video of the Little Rascals! So thoughtful.
She also put the CUTEST little bow chip clips in there that I love!
& a grocery list that I almost bought for myself about a month ago so I'm glad she got it for me!
Plus there were a few toys that definitely bring back childhood memories & some super cute fall sprinkles!
Then I had a bunch of stuff from Ulta in there & I love it all!
The card she got me was cute & I loved the letter she wrote inside! She's such a sweet person & I'm glad we were paired for my first month participating in Cara Box because she made it a good experience!
I can't wait to hear next month's theme & get my partner for next month!!
Now it's time to go read what everyone else got in their box! ;)
Go check it out!!

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I love Wednesdays!
One: because I get to devote a blog post to my favorite pins for the week
Two: because I get to see other people's awesome pins
Three: because I get to meet new people
Linking up like always with the beautiful Michelle over at the Vintage Apple!
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
& because I'm about to go to work, this is definitely appropriate!
Have a happy Wednesday loves!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cruise Recap: Day three!

Hello loves!
I wanted to blog this morning, but my lazy butt wouldn't get out of bed.
Anyways.. on to day three of our cruise!
Darren & I woke up at 8 on the Wednesday morning because we had an excursion booked to visit some of the Mayan ruins in Progreso!
We got ready fairly quickly & decided to grab some breakfast since we thought we had some extra time to kill... but when we got to the dining room, they sat us next to a window and we saw TONS of people walking towards the pier already. We asked our waitress when she came over to our table what time we are supposed to be out there & she told us we should be there at least thirty minutes before our excursion time... which was in forty-five minutes! Needless to say we jetted from the table, back to our room to grab our bags & darted off the boat!!
We took some pictures on the pier with the boat in the background & it looks fake!

& the ruins we went to I can't even pronounce the name...
Then we had to take a twenty minute [ish] bus ride to the ruins. Y'all, that bus was comfortable & cool! Most of the time those buses suck! Hah.
The tour guide was talking the whole time but we weren't really paying much attention because we were too busy looking out the windows. [and taking pictures]

Once we got to the ruins they gave us a few minutes to check out the gift shop before the tour started & Darren found a Mayan necklace he loved. [he is SERIOUSLY interested in obsessed with the Mayans.. I think it's all pretty neat, but he definitely has me beat on enthusiasm!]
We took off on our tour & listen to the tour guide for about an hour. It was hot & he kept dragging everything out so we were happy when we had our free time to explore! We explored & climbed on EVERYTHING!
[as you can see ;)]
After exploring all the ruins that were close together, we went swimming in the cenote there.. It was really neat! They had these fish in there that would eat the dead skin off of your feet so there were people just sitting along the edge with their feet in the water. My feet are WAYYYYY too ticklish for that so I kept my water shoes on.
One area of the cenote went 160 feet down! Crazy!

I am sososo glad that we chose these ruins to go to! If any of you ever go to Progreso you should definitely pick this one! It was the cheapest out of all of them & from what I heard from people who chose to do the other ones, ours was BY FAR the best/most entertaining!!!
When we got back to the pier we did some souvinier shopping & bought LOTS of stuff for decent prices... But the coolest thing was at the very end of shopping..

They were so beautiful & the white tiger & monkey were super sweet!! The black panther on the other hand was super aggrivated & was whining & scratching the whole time.. Poor thing. It was SUCH a neat experience though!
When we got back to the ship we took a looooong nap then headed to dinner & dessert. Yumm!

After that we headed out to the deck to watch the ocean for a while then headed to an adults only comedy show. The comedian was pretty funny! It was a suuuuuuper short show though, less than thirty minutes so I was a little dissappointed.
After the comedy show it was off to bed!
We had a blast & this was by far my favorite day on the cruise :)

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I have to slave over the stove now so I can have dinner ready for my man when he gets home! I'm such a good girlfriend ;)


Monday, November 26, 2012

Cruise Recap Days One & Two

Hey y'all!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I'm linking up with Sami over at Sami's Shenanigans for weekend update :)

Here goes the cruise recap:

Darren & I left for our cruise last Monday. We took the Carnival Triumph out of Galveston. [Mind you, this was our first cruise so I have nothing to compare it to.] In my opinion, this cruise ship was HUGE & beautiful. The only downfall was how shaky it was... I was literally dizzy/lightheaded the entire five days :/ I took the sea sick pills & wore the wristbands but neither worked. Other than that the trip was great!

We took this cruise with my dad, stepmom, sister, brother & stepbrother. Darren & I were on the seventh floor & my family was on the ninth floor. The first day we really just spent the whole time exploring the ship. My sister, Courtney, brother, Josh & stepbrother, Alex hung out with us most of the day/night & my dad & his wife, Andee did their own thing. We were all assigned to the same dinner table at 8:15 every night. Darren, Alex & I were the only ones to go the first night... & it was DELICIOUS!! 

We took a LOT of silly/crazy pictures! 

[darren took this shot of me while we were exploring.. I kinda like it :)]

[Alex doing a front flip.. & falling on his ass]

[Josh, Court & I]

[First drink: GONE!]

[darren & I in the Washington library.. with Abe! hah]

[Darren & Alex recreating the Titanic! haha]

[Courtney, Josh & I on the "tail" of the ship]

[this was after I had stepped on my sister's toe with my heel.. I took a picture & laughed, then said sorry! like a true sister! :)]

[then she got over it & loved me again!]

[Darren & I on the deck outside of our room]

[same.. it was FREEZING at nighttime!!]

[the photographer that took this picture was so funny & told us exactly which faces to make]

[the pirate at dinner!!]

The second day of the cruise was a day at sea. We woke up & went to breakfast right away. [soooo good, I had french toast & Darren had waffles]

After breakfast, we went to the casino & found this game that was stupid and took all of our money awesome & Darren got super addicted to it. You basically had to move a key left or right then up and fit into a narrow hole to win either cash or an ipad. He was convinced he could win [I must admit he got very, very close] but fifty-five dollars later we still didn't have cash or an ipad.. boo.

After the casino we walked throughout the ship to see what all there was to do. We found bingo & tried & lost.. again, no luck!

After that we went to the buffet & grabbed a snack. Or.. I grabbed a snack & Darren grabbed a full on meal. Haha. Then we took a looooong nap, SO nice! Honestly, one of my favorite things about this trip was that I could take a nap whenever I wanted to! Sad, I know.
When we finally woke up it was time for the formal dinner & this time everyone went. We took a "family" photo beforehand & a couples shot..

Dinner was, once again, delicious! I swear that every single meal was so good. That night I had st. louis style pork ribs with french fries & a baked potatoe. I seriously love every type of potatoe.. it's my favorite food in the world.
After dinner we were lame & went to bed because we were exhausted & we had to be up early in the morning for our excursion!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about day three in progreso.. my favorite day!!

Oh & as for a weekend recap, our weekend was spent unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning, etc. We took a break to go see a movie.. Flight. Really good movie! Sad, but good. I'd recommend it. & also yesterday we took Wrinkles back to the breeder we got him from just to visit & play. He got to see his mom & grandma & sister! He had a BLAST with all those other pugs & when we got back home he was POOPED!! Love this little guy :)

Have a great Monday loves!