Friday, June 28, 2013

Giveaway Winner + Feel Good Friday!

What kind of Friday would it be without a little Luke?
Not a very good one! ha

First things first, the winner of the giveaway! 
Drum roll please......
CONGRATS #18, Brooke lyn! :)
(For some reason the widget wouldn't copy correctly, so I took a screenshot so that y'all can see I used the random number generator!)

I was kinda slacking this week on the blog because I've had my nose in a book all week. Book review coming Monday! :)

Here are a few things making me feel good today! 

1. IT'S FRIDAY!! & we have plans to knock a few more things off our bucket list this weekend :)
2. Yummy pitcher of sangria we shared Tuesday night!
3. The texts between Darren & I. I love that man so much!
4. We went for a bike ride last night AND I did a 60 second wall sit after. 
Go me ;)
5. I got my Mary Kay influenster box in the mail this week!

Oh yeah, and one more thing...

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hi, My Name is Kristen & I'm Addicted to Pinterest.

I haven't linked up with Michelle for OHP lately & I've been a pinning fool so I figure it's about time I joined back in on the fun! 

Here's what I've been loving lately!

That's all I've got for today.. Happy Wednesday y'all!
PS- If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, you can do so HERE! :)

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Update + A Giveaway

Friday night Darren & I packed our bags & waited for his brother to get off work & pick us up for our mini roadtrip. He picked us up around 11 & we made it to San Marcos around 2. I was out the whole way there & went straight to bed once we got there! ha

Saturday we woke up around 10:30 & got all suited up for the river. Let me just say, I had taken a million pictures before/on the river with our waterproof digital camera but Darren lost it. Along with his sunglasses. Let's just say he had a little way too much to drink. We got to the tube rental place at 1 & didn't get on the river til 4! Needless to say, we will not be going back to that place EVER again. We didn't get off the river til almost 9. But even though we had to wait forever, we had a really good time.

Sunday we woke up late & went to lunch with Darren's brothers at Pluckers. It was our first time there & we loved it! SO yummy. Then we headed over to a bar close by to play ping pong & I sipped mimosas while the boys had their beers. 

We headed back to Houston around 5 & we were SO happy to be back with our baby boy. We seriously can't be away from him for more than a few days. #crazyfurparents

So, Ashley over at Ashley Brooke Designs does a giveaway of her favorite things for every season & I think it's SUCH a cute idea & luckily for y'all I decided to steal it. (Allison also did a cute Summer giveaway last week & I loved it!) Starting with Summer, I'll be doing a giveaway of my favorite things every season! 

1. Cute paper straws 
2. Essie - Watermelon 
3. $5 Sonic giftcard 
4. COSMO magazine 
5. A monogrammed koozie from DesignsbyRJH 
6. Banana boat tanning oil 
7. EOS lip balm in sweet mint (thanks Tori for the suggestion, I swear by that stuff now!) 
8. Crystal Light liquid - flavor of your choice 
9. Bath & Body Works "Aloha Orchid" hand soap 

The entries are pretty easy. I don't want to deal with rafflecopter this time so I'm just going to use to generate a winner. You have until Thursday at midnight to enter, winner will be announced on Friday morning!

Mandatory entries:
Follow me via Bloglovin.
Leave me a comment.

Simple as that! :)
Most of y'all already do those things anyway so it should be easy peasy!
Of course, if you want to follow me on instagram, pinterest & twitter that's cool too :)

Have a great Monday!!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Instavideos + River Rats + Gangstas!

It's Friday!!!

Okay, a few things I'm lovin' right now:

ONE: I'm absolutely LOVING that Instagram now has a video feature! 
Seriously, I love it already! I love hearing everyone's voices & seeing everyone's cute puppies & babies & absolutely everything! Plus you'll see lots of videos of Wrinkles, like this one incase you missed it! ;)

TWO: In a little over 24 hours I will be floating the river in San Marcos with good friends & a drink in my hand. 
Can't freaking wait!

THREE: We saw World War Z last night & surprisingly I really liked it. I wasn't thrilled to go see but Darren really wanted to so we went & it was actually pretty good!

FOUR: I'm bringing my momma lunch at work today (because I'm the sweetest daughter ever) & I love when I get to see her! She really is one of my best friends! 

FIVE: I bought a super cute romper from Cotton On last night & I can't wait to wear it this weekend! YAY for cute clothes :)
Y'all have to wait til next week to see a picture of it!!

Anddd because we all need to #backthatazzup ...

Have a great weekend loves!!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Make-Up Must Haves!

1. THE BALM PUT A LID ON IT EYELID PRIMER - I received this in either my birchbox or my glam bag, I can't remember which one.. But either way, I LOVE THIS STUFF! I've used a ton of eyelid primers & I feel like this one is by far the best. In fact, I love all of "The Balm" products!

2. L'OREAL BARE NATURALE FOUNDATION {I USE #464} - I've been using this foundation for years. It gives me full coverage, blends well & I love the way it looks & feels. Plus I can always find a good deal on it & y'all know I love me a good deal!

3. ULTA CHEEK COLOR {IN EXPOSED} - I received this blush free in one of the "spend $18 & get a free bag of make-up" promotions at Ulta & love it! It gives me a little color but it's not overpowering like a lot of blushes are.

4. URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 PALETTE - It took me a while to buy this, but once I did I wished I had bought it sooner! It's hands down the best eyeshadow palette I've ever owned. I use it every single day.

5. PIXI FLAWLESS & PORELESS FACE PRIMER - I received this in my glam bag. Same as the eyelid primer, I've used SEVERAL different face primers & this one is hands down the best. It's amazing! My pores are really noticeable on my cheeks & when I use this, my pores literally disappear! Plus, this tube lasts FOREVER!

6. ULTA SHOWSTOPPER LASHES MASCARA {IN JET BLACK} - I use two mascaras. This is the first one I apply & I love it. I've heard several people complain that it's too clumpy, but I don't have that issue with it. It makes my lashes nice & long & thick. I've been using it for years.

7. MICA BEAUTY COSMETICS CREAM EYELINER - This is my favorite make-up product that I use. I received this stuff in my glam bag & it's my favorite thing I've ever received from them! It works amazingggg & I'll never stop using it!

8. MAYBELLINE LASH BLAST WATERPROOF MASCARA {IN JET BLACK} - This is the second mascara that I use. This one makes my lashes longer & makes them look fuller! Love it!

Anything I should add to my routine?!

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Here a list, there a list.

Do y'all remember last week when I confessed I'm a compulsive list maker?
Yeah well, I've got another list to share with ya today :)
**I bolded my favorites!**

24 before 24:

+get engaged

+grow my blog to at least 800+ followers loyal readers

+do a recipe challenge (like Julie & Julia, but nowhere near as extreme!)

+watch 20 "new" old movies

+obtain my goal weight

+take a couples cooking class


+pay off my debt

+buy a house

+go to the Texas state fair

+ride an elephant

+go back to Vegas

+go to Dripping Springs winery

+pay for someone's meal anonymously

+take a girls trip (either a weekend or a week)

+learn to sew

+read 24 books

+complete 100 things I've pinned

+open my Etsy shop

+own either a Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and/or Michael Kors purse

+buy & use a hammock

+visit my grandma's grave in Ohio

+eat raw for 3 days straight

+attend another UFC event

I've already started working on my 30 before 30 list, but it's a work in progress. Those are my goals that I'm giving myself a long time to complete, these ones are more short term!

Do you have a list like this? I'd love some more ideas!!

Before I forget, are any of y'all watching the bachelorette this season?
It looks like in the previews for next week that Des takes Michael & Ben on the 2 on 1. 
I CAN'T STAND Michael & I LOVE Ben.
We'll see which way it goes...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update!

Friday we went to see the new Superman movie, it was really good! Then we went to Barebacks Bar for some cornhole with Darren's brother & his best friend, Matt AND my mom even met us up there! After cornhole, we went over to Matt's house to play some ping pong & swim.. The water was surprisingly warm for it being 11 at night! The boys decided to play poker after we swam, but I don't know how so I curled up on the couch & watched Friends. Matt's mom is the sweetest, she gave me the world's best pillow, a blanket & she even made me some popcorn! :)

a- pregaming in my new tumbler from my friend Ashley before going out!
c-eating the yummy popcorn Matt's mom made me!

Saturday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fights. Both of the guys we wanted to win lost, but we still had a lot of fun. Oh, and I watched Office Space for the first time. I've seen bits & pieces of it but never the whole thing. I don't know how I've never seen that whole movie before, it was HILARIOUS!

a- hanging out with Wrinky sans makeup!
b- getting ready to go out to bdubs!
c-sporting my new bow earrings! (I LOVE BOWS!!!)

Sunday I was lazy & laid in bed & caught up on my shows all morning. We went to a late lunch with Darren's parents & brothers to celebrate Father's Day at their favorite mexican restaurant. Then we headed back home & took a nap & then went out for ice cream sundaes! Such a good way to end the weekend :)

a- sometimes, we call him Elvis!
b- watching House Hunters & I loved this huge porch!
c- painted my nails a new color for summer! {essie-watermelon}

How was your weekend??

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Friday, June 14, 2013

TGIF + An Entertaining Picture

First of all, here's my choice for #backthatazzup today! 

Too Damn Young by Luke Bryan on Grooveshark

I know y'all are probably sick of hearing about my obsession with Luke Bryan but I seriously can't get enough. 
Plus, I'm pretty sure he makes every girl want to back that azz up! ha

Second, wanna know the best feeling ever?
When you buy tickets to a concert the day they go on sale for almost $50 because last year they sold out really fast, then a week later you see a groupon for the same tickets for $16.

Third, Darren & I got to go to a sneak preview showing of, "This Is The End" on Monday night. IT WAS FREAKING HILARIOUS. 
Please, if you want to laugh, do yourself a favor & go see it this weekend!!

Anddd finally, because it's Friday & y'all deserve a good laugh to start your weekend off right, here's one of my baby pictures...

Darren & my mom came up with a caption for this picture:

"Who ate the last cupcake?? I DID!"

I was definitely a chunky monkey! ha

Happy Friday y'all :)

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Twin + A Watermelon Margarita Recipe

Happy hump day y'all! :)
Yesterday, my friend, Courtney tagged me in a post & challenged me to answer six questions.
Here we goooo!

1. Who is your celebrity lookalike?

My celeb lookalike (or so I've been told repeatedly) is Katherine Heigl!

I swear, when I used to bartend I would get told MINIMUM once a week that I look like her! ha
I consider this a major compliment by the way ;)
I think I look most like her when I have blonde hair & I'm not wearing eye liner, but I couldn't find a picture like that so this will have to do!
Do y'all think I look like her?

2. Best place you've ever visited?

Hmm.. I'd say it's a tie between Cozumel & Vegas!
We were only in Cozumel for one day because it was just one stop on our cruise, but it was GORGEOUS!

& I'm completely OBSESSED with Vegas. I swear I'd go every chance I got if I could! 
I mean, where else can you choke out Jason with your best friend one minute & run into two UFC refs in an elevator the next?!

sidenote - look how long my hair was! #longhairdontcare

Anddd where else can you hold a giant lizard on the side of the street & then walk another five feet & hold the worlds smallest [and cutest] monkey?!


3. What is your favorite summer drink?

Watermelon Margaritas fo' sho!
Y'all have already heard me talk about them a few times & summer has barely begun.
Pappasitos makes the best ones & since I used to work there, I know how they make them...
I thought I'd share that fabulous recipe with y'all:

+6 chunks of watermelon (about 1" around)
+1.5 oz of Milagro tequila (or if you're like me, add a little bit more)
+3/4 oz of Cointreau
+1 oz watermelon pucker
+4 oz sweet n sour (I honestly don't know the exact measurements for their sweet & sour, so you can either use store-bought or if you're looking for a more low-cal option, you can use straight lime juice)

-Muddle your watermelon chunks in a glass until they're all mashed up & most of the juice is out.
-Fill your glass with ice.
-Add your tequila, triple sec, pucker & sweet n sour.
-Shake really good, strain, pour & enjoy!
& if you're feeling really fancy, you can garnish it with a slice of watermelon!

4. If you could have lunch with anyone {living or dead}, who would it be?

Tom DeLonge.

Don't know who he is? We can't be friends anymore. Jk!
I know my girl Kelly knows!!! ;)
But really, he's a singer in Blink-182, Boxcar Racer & Angels & Airwaves.
I've had a thing for him since like 7th grade & he's #1 on my list of people to meet.
Luke Bryan comes in at a close second ;)

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

When people don't use the correct version of your/you're.
If you're in need of a grammar lesson, email me & I'll be glad to help.
There's a difference between your & you're people, LEARN IT!

6. What is the most-played song on your iPod?

Hmm.. at the moment, it's probably a three-way tie between:

Those were some really good questions! 
Thanks Courtney! :)

I'm tagging Brooke, Candice & Alex!

Here are your questions:
 (and yes, I stole some of them from Courtney!)

Who is your celebrity lookalike?
If you could have lunch with anyone (alive or dead), who would it be?
What is the most-played song on your iPod?
What is the best book you've ever read?
If you could go on a blate (blogger date) with anyone, who would you choose?
If you could only choose one & had to delete the other, which would you keep: Twitter or Instagram?

PS-Wrinkles says hi! (very willingly I might add)

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Can You Guess The Drawing?

Happy Monday y'all!
Just because today is Monday doesn't mean it shouldn't be happy! ha

Friday I went to lunch with one of my best friends, Chloe. I hadn't seen her in forever & it was great to catch up. (& enjoy some chips & queso & a watermelon margarita... or two). Later that night, Darren & I went to see "The Purge" with my mom. I loved it. It was just a little predictable, but Darren said it was only predictable because we see so many dang movies, ha. So for those of you who don't go to the movies every other day, you shouldn't find it so predictable! lol

On Friday, I also got the sweetest note from Courtney!! I LOVE HAPPY MAIL! :)

Saturday we laid in bed. All afternoon. Talk about lazy! ha. Saturday night we went over to our friends Shelby & Dustin's place for a game/pizza/drink night. We had a BLAST! We played apples to apples, phase 10 & pictionary. Now, let me just tell you: I ROCK AT PICTIONARY! I don't, however, rock at apples to apples or phase 10 but whatevz.

**The first person to correctly identify what that drawing is first gets a prize!! Obviously I have mad drawing skills.**

Sunday we slept in & then cleaned the house. We had to be home because the DIRECTV guy was supposed to come between 12 & 4. He showed up at 3:30... of course. & he was here til after 7! Let's hope this service is good... We loved U-verse & wanted to keep it, but when we moved they told us AT&T U-verse isn't available at our new place :( We ended the night with pizza & watched the Spurs game! 

Andddd because no post is complete without a picture of Wrinkles...

You're welcome ;)

PS- I'm sending out THREE pieces of happy mail today!
They're all packed up & ready to go.
Can't wait to brighten some peoples days!

How was your weekend?!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

You're a Buzzkill.

Eeek! It's Friday!! :)
I'm so excited it's the weekend y'all!

A few things I'm loving this week:
+that darren wrote a post for me on wednesday
PS- he's already asking if he can write another post, ha!

+that we're going to the river either next weekend or the weekend after.. can't wait!

+that I've completed my workouts every day so far this month... YAY ME!

+that we'll be crossing a few things off our summer bucket list this weekend!

+that darren & I are going to see "The Purge" with my momma this weekend! Y'all know how much I love movies, & this one looks really good!!

One more thing.
I can't get enough of this song! & the video is amazing!! 
Darren knows every word because I play the video 1000 times a day haha

What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Hope y'all have a good one!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ten Facts About Me, According to Darren!

Yesterday, my bloggy friend Allison did a post where she had her husband write ten random facts about her. I loved it & thought it was a great idea so I stole it! Thanks Allison! :)

Darren has literally been dying for a chance to get on my blog so he finally gets a chance. Although, if he had it his way he would probably talk about tennis, UFC, math or aliens. Haha. Maybe next time babe! ;)

He sat on the opposite side of the room from me & wouldn't let me see these til he was done. He actually came up with some good ones! & you get to see his personality come through, ha!

**I didn't alter anything he said, but I did put my opinions in here & they're in blue! This is all him from here on out!**

N’ always in my heart
^^I didn't even ask him to do that! He did it all on his own, he's so cute.

10 Facts about Kree that I know, some know, and now most will know
Sidenote: he calls me Kree ALL the time. I have no idea where it came from, ha.

1.)   Literally, the fastest learner I’ve ever seen. (Taught her how to box, within 2 minutes she gave me a bloody fat lip. Taught her some Advanced Algebra, she no longer needed my help…ever!)
The busted lip was totally an accident, but I do like to tell people I beat him up ;)

2.)   When it comes to babies, she will say “That’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen” EVERY TIME!
This is SO true. I literally say that every baby is the cutest baby I've ever seen.

3.)   Definitely a Coke person, not a Pepsi. If anyone asked her “If there’s only one drink you can drink for the rest of your life. What would it be?” The clear answer is COKE!
Actually, I like both. But I guess if I REALLY had to choose, I would choose coke.

4.)   Kristen is the type of person where when it comes to friendship, you’re going to want it. No matter what the holiday you’re celebrating, you will get 10 different gifts (all great). Five will probably be five that you want, and the other five will be random awesome gifts that you don’t realize you want until it’s right in front of you (candy).
I do give really good gifts if I do say so myself ;)

5.)   The amount of attention and love she shows me and our son (Senor Wrinkles),  is only a fraction of what I can expect when our son/daughter comes into our lives (not now, when we are both ready). She will be the best mother in the world.
Awww. Melts my heart :)

6.)   Her love for country music took over four years to finally get me to say that it’s “good”.
He literally would NOT let me listen to country when we were in the car together up until about 6 months ago. Now he knows a ton of country songs!! 

7.)   Kristen can actually sing really really good! But she will deny it, and will never sing for anyone but me…(unless there’s karaoke going on somewhere).
No comment.

8.)   For someone so small…she hits really hard, and is surprisingly very fast.
True. Don't mess with me. Haha jk

9.)   Has a HUGE PROBLEM with watching the Bachelor/ Bachelorette (I can’t believe that’s a show and how many people watch that. AND that host gets paid way too much!)
He seriously HATES the Bachelor & Bachelorette! Every time I watch it he has to comment on EVERYTHING. But I love it & watch it anyway, ha.

10.) Her love for blogging made me love her more. I love how she documents all of
       the events and great times we have had since she started it up. 

So that's me, according to Darren! Did you learn anything new?!

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