Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

It's that time again!
Time for Oh, How Pinteresting!
Linking up with Michelle, as always:
and here we go!

pretty much.
love/want this hoodie!
obsessed with this dress! wish I would've found it earlier!
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
nifty tips for sprucing up the house!
how to make your eyes look bigger! (as if I need this) ha
turquoise :)
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
still need some boot socks!
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
for real! I need this.
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
love. love. love.
mmmm! might be making an appearance at my friendsgiving I'm hosting on saturday ;)
Time to leave for work! Ugh.


  1. LOL @ the fetch pin & i love that book shelf!

    Trish - Tales from...

  2. i am a sucker for boot socks. and, i love that wallpaper on that bookshelf!

  3. oooh love all of this. i like the eye tutorial!

  4. Love all of this! Especially "fetch" haha