Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy, happy, happyyyy!

So many things make me happy.
I thought I'd share a few million with y'all today! :)

+bath & body works candles
specifically island margarita & carribean escape

no joke, I love seeing everyones pictures & I love posting pictures!
leave your insta name so I can follow you! :)

+the happiness project
It's the easiest way to remember your life. It's one or two lines a day for 5 years. GO BUY IT! I've only been doing it for a little while but I LOVE it already.

currently reading "The truth about forever" by Sarah Dessen
I just started it, so I'll let y'all know how it is when I'm done! 

+ipsy (glam bag)
it never disappoints, so worth the $10/month

+luke bryan & jason aldean
their faces & their voices. I just can't get enough! 
+country music in general
I listen to country every. single. day.

he is so freaking cute all the time, how can this face NOT make you happy?

+snail mail
wanna write me a letter/send me a card? I'll happily give you my address :)


he makes my heart happy. he makes me laugh more than anyone in the world

+chael sonnen
not only is he my favorite UFC fighter, but he's freaking hilarious! I don't think there's ever been a time that he's talked & I haven't smiled/laughed!

+blogging/reading blogs
I have so many daily reads I can't possibly list them all!
but the blogger that inspired me to start this little blog is Katie!

so far this summer, I'm going to goo goo dolls & matchbox 20 & backstreet boys & jesse mccartney
I'd like to add phil phillips, eli young band, miranda lambert, lee brice & eric church to that list but we'll see! ;)

+motivational quotes

+howl at the moon
so much fun! if you have one near you & you enjoy music, GO!
that place makes me happy, happy, happy!

What makes you happy?!

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  1. I can't wait for my June ipsy bag! I want to buy the Happiness Project. I think thats the one where you write one good thing every day? I dont think I could keep up with it but it's a great concept.

    I haven't been to howl at the moon in so long. I always sing like a fool as loud as I can though. It's a blast!

  2. Um, I will totally send you a snail mail card and I am not joking! Sending notes via USPS was one of my goals for the month of May. And I love your Instagram, pictures of Wrinkles are the cutest :)

  3. I love your list! Ipsy is definitely awesome, Wrinkles is adorable and I'm already following you on Instagram. :) So jealous that you're going to see BSB! The tickets for that concert sold out in the first half hour they went on sale in my city. :(

  4. I seriously love Katie's blog! She is so sweet too. Probably one of the nicest blogger ever!

    By the way, I totally need to buy that book (the happiness project)!!!! Where can I get one?!?

  5. I loveeeee Bath & Body Works candles... they seriously smell so good! I have at least 5 of them at home right now, ha. And I love IG and Wrinkles... well basically I just love the whole post!! :) And I need this Happiness Project book asap!

  6. Awe we have a lot in common it seems!
    Great that candle(:

  7. love it girl :)

    we have a lot of the same opinions!
    I am going to go buy the book for my Kindle RIGHT NOW! :) (maybe both of them, happiness project for sure)

    instagram: missheatherannnn I think? I can't remember right now if it is three n's or four! oops! horrible social media person. I should be better then that!

    have a great day dear.

  8. How am I not following you on instagram?! Ok now I am, better. :) Love Bath and Body Candles. So many scents to choose. We have a howl at the moon and I love it there!

  9. I LOVE Katie's blog... she's one of the first ones I started reading as well, always a fave! :) And I'm due for some new BBW candles- I need a fun summery scent like that one!! :)

  10. I added you on Instaheart, errr gram :) I'm Lyricalsoul26. I need The Happiness Project.. I would love to share some snail mail-- email me and lets set it up! And I ADORE "Keep Calm and Carry On"!!

  11. but for reals, how wonderful is the happiness project!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sooo many of these are me!!! Country every day, I love Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan!! <3 Cutey patootie wrinkles...I've always wanted a Puggle. Beagle + Pug mix of our two cuties, lol! I need to get that Happiness project book. I think I saw you post about it before, so thanks for the reminder!

  13. Country music = yes!!! All day! Love Bath & Body Works candles also. They're the only kind I buy now!

  14. You're inspired me to go get the Happiness Project daily journal! I read the book and really enjoyed it. Great post, I loved the positivity :)

  15. I just signed up for Ipsy and really don't know what to expect!! Follow me on IG!! @lindsey_erin2 Great list. xo

  16. OMGoodness, is your little pug named WRINKLES?! Cutest. Pug. Name. Ever!

  17. Currently attempting to read "The Happiness Project" - seems like everyone is getting into it.

    Also, my instagram name is htico33 - feel free to follow! :)

  18. Really like your blog! You have a new follower :)

    My instagram name is @augeniejustine

    Check out my blog and let me know what you think!

    xo Augenie