Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Update! [Wagon Wheel, Wrinkles & a Special Mother's Day]

Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker on Grooveshark

^^^You're welcome! Now you're guaranteed to have a great day ;)

Friday night Darren & I went to Ikea to pick out a desk... I'm in love with it! We're putting it together tomorrow so you better believe I'll be sharing pictures once it's all decorated & happy, ha! After Ikea we met up with some friends of ours to go see The Great Gatsby. I never had to read the book for school so I didn't really know the storyline (other than what I saw in the previews). With that being said, I absolutely loved it! 

Saturday we spent moving & painting. My mom, brother & sister came over to help us paint & we had fun goofing around like we always do. Darren & I went out to dinner at Hooters that night & they ran out of ranch! How the heck does a WING restaurant run out of ranch?! Needless to say we weren't too happy, ha.

Sunday was spent with my momma! I love her so much & she is one of my very best friends in the world. My grandma passed away almost four years ago so Mother's Day is always hard for us, but especially for my mom. This year I gave my mom a few gifts, but my favorite (and hers) was a keychain with a penny on it. The penny was from 1944, the year my grandma was born & the word "lucky" was stamped on it. I also added an eiffel tower charm to the keychain because my grandma was from France. I'm glad I was able to give my mom a gift with meaning this year instead of just candles or clothes like I usually do. I know it meant the world to her. My grandma may not physically be here with us, but she is watching over us & I know she was smiling yesterday!

one- Wrinkles curled up in a ball looking cute ;)
two- I got my mom, brother & sister all their favorite candy as a thank you for helping us paint! 
three- Darren & I at Hooters
four- Wrinky happy as can be on a walk 

five- me & the worlds greatest momma! (after many tears)
six- my current read.. can't wait to finish it!!
seven- Wrinkles with his toy that's almost the size of him, ha
eight- my family :) (please excuse our squinty eyes, stupid sun!)

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Wrinkles is so freaking cute.. Want one!

  2. We loooove Ikea! So much of our furniture is from there, I love putting it all together! :) And seriously, Wrinkles is precious!!

    Also- adding that novel to my reading list. I'm always taking suggestions! ;)

  3. What a fun weekend!! We saw Gatsby on Friday too! I never read the book and Joey thought that was so weird. We loved it! And I love Wrinkles toy... it's literally almost as big as him! We always buy over sized toys for our boys because it's hilarious to watch them run around with them, ha!

  4. Wrinkles is SO cute! What's Skipping a Beat about? I need new reading material!

  5. Your mom looks soo young! What a sweet looking family :) Also, what's that book about? I've been trying to find a new one! I have too many books that I'm partially through right now, but I still like keeping my options open!

  6. You will have to do a review of the book!! I'm going to start it. Love your blog!! Just found you.

  7. Totally in need of an ikea fix but I'm running out of places to put things! I can't believe they ran out of ranch! That's like one time I was at Subway and they ran out of bread...what?! Now that you've teased us you'll have to let us know if you loved it or not! I've just finished up a couple of series and I need more!

  8. yay for your cute little family :)

  9. I absolutely love your present idea for your mom, so thoughtful. Glad y'all had a good one!

  10. That book is on my to-read list! Do you love it? I need something that I can really get into for my upcoming plane rides.

  11. New follower here! My name is also Kristen, and I have two puggy boys, myself. So happy to have found your blog!

  12. Would you believe that I have never seen an Ikea? Bible! Love the song!