Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Update! - It's a good one!

Alrighty, I hope y'all are ready for an overhaul of pictures cause I took about five million this weekend!
Don't worry, I narrowed it down a little ;)

Friday, Darren & I went to Potbelly for lunch then headed to Half Price Books to kill some time before our movie started. We went to the dollar theatre (for the first time ever) & saw 42. The movie was pretty good, but it cut off THREE times... Thank goodness we only paid $1.50! haha
After the movie we met up with Darren's parents & ate at Black Eyed Pea. I'm not a huge fan of that place, but they had the CUTEST Texas shaped tiles outside :)

In love with my romper from Cotton On! / Me & D
My new favorite chips! / The Texas shaped tiles!!! LOVE

At Half Price Books (I bought 2 travel books!) / Movie necessities / Margarita dinner necessity!

Saturday we hung out around the house & cleaned up a little. 
Around 3 we headed over to my mom's house to get ready for Pride. I don't think I've mentioned it on here before, but my mom is a lesbian. I know some people aren't okay with gay/lesbian relationships, so if you're against it please just keep it to yourself & skip this paragraph! :) My mom has been dating her girlfriend for almost 7 years now & they're just like any other couple! 
Anyway, me, Darren, my mom & her girlfriend headed down to the gay pride festival/parade around 5:30 & stayed til a little after 10. It was Darren & I's first time there & let me just say... IT WAS A BLAST!!!
Everyone there is so friendly & we scored a ton of free stuff! 
Plus, my mom is like the world's funnest person to hang out with so we always have a good time with her :)

Me & momma / sippin' margaritas before the parade! / me & D

The mayor of Houston / Me with my MILLION beads! / all our free goodies! :)

Sunday we took Wrinkles to get his nails cut (those things grow SO fast) and we had Chipotle for lunch... I haven't had Chipotle in foreverrr so it was definitely a treat! I also made a 4th of July inspired treat & painted my toes all festive! :) We ended the night watching Big Brother & Dexter. Anyone else watch those shows?! I'm obsessed!!

My 4th of July pedicure & 4th of July snack!

Darren's burrito is like 3 times the size of mine lol & Wrinkles sleeping on my foot :)

My favorites for this season of Big Brother so far:

Nick & Spencer! I see them going far!

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Oh wow!!what an amazing weekend! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Your weekend sounds amazing! I love that the sidewalk had mini texas tiles! Your pedicure is awesome, I think I might have to paint my nails similar!

  3. Okay so, 1) I want that Taco Cabana koozie. So festive! and 2) Chipotle IS AMAZING. Favorite.ever. and 3) FOURTH OF JULY NAILS!!!! Love them!

  4. CUTEEEE TOESIES!!!!! Sounds like a great weekend... I now want Chipotle ( basically I want Chipotle always!)

    Happy Week

  5. I love that you went to pride parade with you mom :)

  6. Love the toes! I did something similar last year but I've been way too lazy to recreate it :P And maybe I saw you or you saw me at the parade! lol It was so packed but I kept trying to look for people I knew would be there. But to no avail. I'm glad you had fun because I did too!

  7. Sounds like such a blast! YAY for weekend festivities! Love you nails.. and that romper!!! I need to find one that Tyler likes - haha - he's a hater of the rompers.

  8. wait YOU LOVE BIG BROTHER TOO? oh girl we are total TV buds. I AM OBSESSED! excelllent now we can talk about that tooo

    as for chipotle.. I am obsessed with that too.

    well i guesss that means I am just obsessed with you! :) So happy you had a great weekend friend. looks like ya did!

  9. Such a happy moment for America - especially your momma! I wish I had a Potbelly near me, their subs are my absolute favorites. It looks like you had such a fun weekend!

  10. Zaps. Why why whyyy did you have to post those!? I am missing the cajun crawtators right about now.. which makes me wonder, do people eat/love crawfish as much in Houston as they do in Lousiaiana? And I love the 'Merica toes by the way :)

  11. ok so a potbelly just opened up right by my work and i went and tried it the other day thinking it was a new place. got all excited and then the bf shot me down and told me it was a chain and he has been before. who knew?!

  12. I think it is AWESOME that you are accepting of your Mom and her relationship! Pensacola Beach, FL hosts a HUGE Memorial Day weekend celebration for Lesbians and Gays and it is the most outrageously fun party! Sounds like your weekend went well.

  13. We rounded out our weekend with BB and Dexter too! We love love love both of those shows!

  14. Seriously need me a wrinkles! and I think you inspired me to paint my toes nice and festive tonight since they are in desperate need and have paint splattered on them!

  15. Love that Romper!! Movie snacks and Marge are a must!! I used to watch te ay pride parade in Columbus and it was such a blast, glad you had fun too!!

  16. Ah I need potbelly in my belly soon!
    So awesome you got to celebrate Pride with your mom! I've always wanted to attend in Houston. Maybe next year!
    Your toes? Super cute.:)

  17. Our gay pride parade was this Sunday. I've always wanted to go but never get a chance to since it always falls on our long weekend. I'm glad you went though and had a blast!

  18. Looks like a fab time! I love...your hat, pedicure and those Texas tiles!!!

  19. Girlfriend, you are looking SKINNY!!!! And love your July 4th pedicure... so cute!