Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Update! {lake, game night & power outage}

Happy Monday y'all!
Does anyone actually say "Happy Monday" ?? No, just me... Cool.

This weekend was fun-filled but I didn't take a whole lot of pictures! 
Weird for me, I know! 

Friday we did a little shopping for a house warming gift for Darren's best friend. (Pictures & tutorial coming Wednesday... it was SO cute y'all!!)
We picked up a Little Caesars pizza & watched movies all night while I put together the gift. It was a low key Friday night & I loved it!

Saturday we woke up bright & early & headed to the lake to meet up with my family. I feel SO lucky to have family that has a lake house & jet skis & a boat... It's amazing! We spend the afternoon riding the jet skis, swimming & being swung around in a tube on the back of the boat. 
After the lake we headed over to Darren's best friend, Matt's new house to give him (and his fiance, Aerial) their housewarming gift & hang out.
They LOVED their gift! 
We headed to dinner then picked up some drinks & headed back to their new place for a game night. We're all SO competitive so we had a ton of fun ;)

Brother jumping off the dock! 

Darren jumping off the dock! 

Brother caught a little fishy! 

Me & momma!! 

I'm on a boat! 

Chillin in the water with my brother & sister! 

 My crazy momma! :)

Our beautiful view for the day! 

Sister jumping off the dock!

Sunday we slept in because we were beyond exhausted from Saturday's festivities. Once we were up we realized we both looked like lobsters... NO JOKE! I don't think my face has ever been this sunburned... & we used SPF 80! wtf?! Needless to say we applied aloe about a million times yesterday.
We wanted some breakfast tacos so we tried a place right up the street.. delicious & cheap. My kind of place!
We hung out around the house & did a little cleaning, then we settled in to watch all of our favorite shows. (Big brother, Dexter & Ray Donovan) 
Well, Houston decided to send a crazy storm our way which knocked out the power & we couldn't watch any of them. (Only half of Big Brother) 
To escape the boredom we headed to the movies & saw Grown Ups 2...

What did you do this weekend?! Can't wait to read all about it!!

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  1. Looks you had a great weekend! We spent some time at the lake yesterday and it was a blast :)

  2. Those photos are so cool! Looks like you had a fun weekend :)

  3. The lake and jumping off a dock is what summer is all about! Love the action pics! :)

  4. Oh yes boats and the water are fun! Those dock pics are so awesome and I've received bad sun burns after being out on the water all's usually the reflection off the water. :(

  5. I say happy Monday too, ha! I'm SO jealous your family has a lake house/boat/jet skis... I want a boat/lake house SO bad. I completely understand about getting super sun burned.. Joey and I got SO burnt on our last day of our cruise in Europe... oops! It sucks!

  6. I'm so jealous of the lake house, boat and jet skis! I want all of that! Was your SPF waterproof? I find waterproof ones work best!

    Don't give any spoliers away for Dexter! I'm STILL not caught up!

  7. Really cool pics! Sounds like a great weekend!

  8. These pictures are all so fun! Yikes that is crazy you guys got sunburned so bad after wearing SPF 80! I hope you're not too sore today. Is your power still out? Breakfast tacos sound amazing.

  9. I love the jumping pictures! So adorable! Looks like you had a great weekend :o)


  10. I want a boat so badly - those weekends on the lake look like so much fun! I hope your sunburn goes away quickly, that's never a fun way to end the weekend.

  11. i need to make a friend that has a boat. quickly.

  12. So crazy y'all got burnt with spf 80! :( No fun at all! But it looks like y'all had a great weekend!! Can you believe July is halfway over already?!

  13. Lake days are almost as good as beach days! Glad you had a good weekend :)

  14. I am SO jealous of the lake house and jet skis! That is my dream!! Looks like y'all had lots of fun :)

  15. What a fun family weekend! I want to go see Grown Ups 2, too. I can't get enough of comedy movies lately, ha!

  16. Love a good lake day! and I think if I ever need to know if a movie is worth seeing I will check with you first you seem to always be current with your movies :)

  17. I just found your blog and love it!
    I really like the pictures with jumping into the water, how did you do that???^^