Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm back! - Talking about houses, jobs & rings!

Alrighty, after being MIA for quite some time I think I'm finally back on track.
I've already blocked out a few hours today to catch up on all of y'alls blog posts from the past week. 
I just needed a little break!

Oh and Brook lyn.. I know I'm like the world's worst person, but your box is going out TOMORROW and I'll email you the tracking code.. promise! :)

We've been busy, busy, busy around these parts lately!
In the past week/weekend, I've:

+gone to the circus (for the first time)


+had a game night with BFFs

+tried a new Greek restaurant
(they had $3 mimosas! score!)

+spent time with our favorite little guy

+started REALLY talking about buying a house
(...and looking)

**how gorgeous is this?? ^^^

+went to look at engagement rings ;)
(this wasn't the first time, we've looked several times before BUT we're getting closer & closer to getting engaged now & I'm SO excited!)

+went to the bridal extravaganza 
(for one of my BFFs that's getting married, not me lol)

ANDDDDD Darren has received TWO job offers to be a teacher.
Now it's just a matter of signing the dotted line on the one he chooses!
We are SO excited! :)

I have every intention of blogging every day this week instead of falling off the face of the earth. I'll be sharing a DIY housewarming gift that I meant to share with y'all last week & a recipe & some other fun stuff!

And because I absolutely adore Jason Aldean & just can't get enough, I think I'll share a recent fave of mine with y'all!

Staring at the Sun by Jason Aldean on Grooveshark

Now I'm off to catch up on y'alls lives! ;)

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  1. Welcome back! Looks like you've had lots of greatness surrounding you lately. :) So fun!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! I need to seriously start looking into houses, its on my 25 bucket list! I'm happy that Darren got job offers. Seriously one of the best feeling. Its like relief and happiness in one lol Or at least it was for me! Which greek restaurant was it? I wanna go :)

  3. I've always wanted to go to the circus! I need to go next year! And y'all went and looked at RINGS?! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please buy that house - it's gorgeous!!! Happy Monday!! :)

  4. Ahh, I love engagement ring shopping!! Andrew and I do that too. The worst part though? Waiting. He knows which ring I want. But I have NO idea when I'll get it (hint: probably not this year. Tear).

    The house looks so nice!!

    I love the circus photos. So cute!

  5. What a fun and exciting couple of days! And the excitement of getting engaged! Enjoy every minute of it! Cant wait to see the future ring!

  6. I got to pick out my engagement ring too! Hope you are having fun shopping for one! And house hunting!!! My husband and I really miss house hunting... sometimes we still look online even though it will be years before we sell the house we're in now. Such an exciting weekend for you! Take your time, don't feel guilty for being picky! And big congrats on D's two job offers! Such happy times, so excited for you!!!!

  7. Welcome back! I haven't been to the circus in forever, looks like you had a blast! Love the Wrinkles photbomb! What a cute house and what fun to shop for a ring! Eek!!

  8. i've been waiting and waiting ;) but no really... glad you're enjoying summer. who has time for blogging when there's summer to be had!

  9. Girl, its nice to take a break every now and again. I can't wait for the day you get excited!! Hurry up Darren! :)

  10. Yay! That circus looks like so much fun. I've never been to an actual circus but plenty of things that are similar. Looking for houses and rings sounds awesome! Congrats to Darren on the job offers!

  11. Hi I'm a new reader! Love everything about your blog, your upbeat views on the world, & appreciation for the little things =) Congrats on all the happy changes coming up!

  12. miss you friend! I WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THESE RINGS! give me the details NOW!

    ps. that house looks adorable and i am jealous of your circus date!

  13. All great reasons to be MIA! Love your doggy! Rings, houses and jobs! Oh my!! Looking at houses should be one of my favorite hobbies! :)
    Hope your man seals the deal on a great job!

  14. It looks like you have had so much fun while you've been away from the blog world! Looking for a house is crazy, we're doing the same thing right now. And my engagement ring and wedding band are from Helzberg in the mall at The Woodlands - they were so amazing and helped Jason & I pick exactly the ring I wanted within his budget!

  15. We started looking for houses (for real) too! And I think we're actually putting plans in place to buy a lot on a private lake from J's parents and build! Where we are going to get the money for this house, we are going to have to figure out! Haha :)

  16. The circus pics are so cute. I have never been to the circus. I really need to.

  17. Wow, congrats lady!! Sounds like things are going really well for you right now. I haven't really told many people, but we have also been ring shopping a couple times recently and I just know it's coming soon! Hopefully we will get to plan together :D

  18. Fun fun fun! I have always wanted to go to the circus and get clown noses! And congrats on looking at rings :) I'm so excited for that day to come for me!

  19. Yay for all these exciting things coming in your future! I'm so happy for you:)

  20. engaged soon PLUS a house... YAYAYAYAYAY

  21. It sounds like you have so many exciting things going on, I don't blame you for taking a little break :) good luck with house and ring hunting, both of those are some of the best shopping you'll ever do!

  22. I MISS YOU. Where have you been, MISSY!???

  23. YAY!! You're back and I'm loving this post! You are adorable and the circus looks like a blast! Lots of good things happening for you, girl! Can't wait to get more updates! :)

  24. Hey lady! I'm currently looking at houses too! Although there aren't many great picks in NY right now. Good luck with your search!

    xo Augenie