Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be in love with your life, every minute of it.

I've been watching way too many episodes of House Hunters, Love it or List it and Property Brothers lately!
All I want to do now is buy a house. Preferably a fixer-upper. 
I've seen some pretty amazing blogs that have done SO much to improve their houses (320 Sycamore, PLL, & Young House Love just to name a few), it's insane & I LOVE IT!

Okay, now that I got that little confession out of the way I guess I can get y'all up to date on what's been going on around here this past week!
I'm still jobless. boo.
BUT, I'm looking & thinking about a possible career change.
It'll be less money, like a LOT less, but I'll be a million times happier.
That's what counts, right?!
We'll see how everything goes. 
I'm being very optimistic.

Have I mentioned that this is my second favorite month of the year?!
It's a close second to December (I looove all the holiday festivities).
If you're a Texan (more specifically, a Houstonian) then you know that March means RODEO!
If you've never been to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, you need to book yourself a ticket & hightail it down here, stat!
This year I went to the San Antonio rodeo to see Darius Rucker, he's ALWAYS amazing.. ALWAYS! 
(the San Antonio rodeo is good, it just doesn't even compare to the Houston rodeo.)
At the Houston rodeo, I'm seeing Bruno Mars with mom, Jason Aldean with Darren, Luke Bryan with Chloe & possibly seeing Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen & Blake Shelton.
There's nothing I don't love about the rodeo! 
The boots, the clothes, the food, the cowboys & cowgirls, the performers... it's all SO MUCH FUN!
Like I said before, put it at the top of your to do list!

andddddddd since it's so much easier to catch you up on what's happened this past week via photos, that's exactly what I'm about to do.

1. cowboy boots for rodeo season ;]
2. crazy wrinkles!
3. garlic shrimp pasta
4. my beyond amazing new camera strap from cornerwithlove!
5. I noticed I hit 3,000 pins on pinterest. 
(not sure if that's a good or bad thing haha)
6. finally made an "I love you because..." board & Darren has actually been writing on it everyday! :]

7. drinks & dinner at willies with my bff shelby
8. a random gift from Darren's mom (LOVE HER!)
9. our big boy is 8 months old now! 
10. honey & soy sauce pork chops with garlic, parmesan roasted potatoes & asparagus
11. our goofy selves
12. I finally made a food passport for us! yay for trying new places :]

Now I'm off to go catch up on some blog reading!


  1. Um, those pork chops (and everything else on the plate) look OUT OF THIS WORLD! And good luck with the job hunt...it's worth it to sacrifice a little extra income if you actually enjoy what you're doing everyday, am I right?!

  2. I watch all of those same shows on HGTV, I loveee HGTV! It also makes me long to have our own house that we can fix up any way we'd like.

    I am also very jealous that you got to see Darius. I absolutely adore him and am so glad that he transitioned over to country music. He lives here in Charleston so hopefully I'll bump into him one day!