Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans [a dog park, a lindsey lohan & some insta-stalking]

I'm not hating Mondays as much as I used to.
Probably because I don't have a job to wake up for. [Don't hate.]

Funny Workplace Ecard: I hope daylight savings hasn't thrown off your schedule of doing nothing.
(for the record, I do a few things haha)

Anyways on to the weekend shenanigans that went down.

Friday night, Darren & I took Wrinkles to a bar/dog park called "The Boneyard" with some friends of ours.
If you live in Houston, I highly recommend you go!
There were soooo many dogs there running around.. We loved it & Wrinkles loved it. 
He was a little shy at first, but eventually he got out there & ran around with dogs that were literally 10 times his size haha.
After we left there we headed over to St. Danes for some food. St. Danes is a bar/restaurant that allows you to bring your dogs. I'd highly recommend that place as well. 
Everyone was so friendly at both places. It's a good way to go out & drink & have fun but not have to leave the pups at home.
Plus St. Danes has 99 cent mimosas all day every sunday! SOLD.

sorry for the bad quality pics.. iPhone + bad lighting = sucky pictures!

Oh yeah, I can't forget this shot they had on their shot menu! 
You can't tell me I'm the only one who finds this funny...

Saturday I hung out with Wrinkles for a bit..

Then we went to the mall to go to the apple store because Darren's iPhone was messing up & I ended up finding this cute dress for only $15.

That night we headed downtown for Darren's aunt's surprise 60th birthday party. 
**sidenote: Darren looks white, but he's 100% Mexican. Even I thought he was white when I met him haha. But with the last name 'Romero' it didn't take long to figure out I was wrong!
The party was at a place called the Latino Learning Center [that's why I felt the need to add that sidenote in there lol] & it was just this huge open space that they decorated & hired a DJ & had BBQ catered. It was a lot of fun & the food was delicious! The old people were gettin' down!

Oh yeah.. & Saturday, THIS happened:

thank you, thank you, thank YOU! :)

Sunday was the laziest day ever for us!
We slept in til 10:30 [well, technically 11:30 with the whole Spring forward thing... ugh] & I made us some breakfast. 
Then we watched a few episodes of Mad Men since we haven't seen season 5.
If you don't watch Mad Men, start watching... NOW!
Then we went & saw Oz with my bff since she's in town for the week!
Of course we snuck in a bottle of wine... or two ;)

Oh, & I forgot to mention I was stalking Katie, StephShay & Kristen allllll weekend on instagram to see what kind of shenanigans they were getting into.. Can't wait to read all about it on their blogs!!

Last but not least.. I get to see this guy tonight! Be jealous :)

That's all I've got for y'all.
Happy Monday! ;)

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  1. 99 cent mimosas? Um, perfect! And how was Oz? I am soo excited to see it!

  2. Congrats on 100 followers! We went to the dog park this weekend, too :) Also, love the striped dress, I'm a sucker for stripes!

    Honor Courage Commitment

  3. And I made it 103! :) We've talked about going to Boneyard so many times and have never gone. We need to go before it gets miserably hot outside! And we've been to St. Danes a couple times, but I had no idea you could bring your dog. If I could take my dogs with me everywhere, I would! And I love that dress - I think I might need a matching one... :) And that picture of you and Wrinkles is SOOO cute! He looks like he was posing for the picture.

  4. Hay! Congrats on your 100 followers! That's exciting! :)

  5. fun weekend! congrats on 100 followers. wrinkles is so so cute and he would get along great with my puggies! :)

  6. Such a good weekend!
    lovely blog<3

  7. Such a fun weekend!!! Wrinkles is ADORABLE!!!! I am so jealous you got to see him in concert, how was it?? Congrats on 100 followers!!