Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I've been kind of absent lately.
I'm saying sorry mainly to myself because I said I would blog minimum three days a week and I definitely haven't been. BUT I have a semi-good excuse. Wrinkles decided my computer cord was his new chew toy so I can no longer turn on my computer... 
Oh well, I'll just use Darren's mac 'til my new cord comes in! ;)

I realize I didn't do an update on my weight last week.. That's because last week I didn't do what I was supposed to :(
But this week I've been back on track, three days in a row now of a STRICT diet & working out. I've got forty-six days 'til our cruise which means forty-six days to lose the weight I want to lose. 
For the record, I'm down another three pounds this week!
That makes a total of SEVEN pounds so far!! Yay!
I'll just keep doin' what I'm doin' and hope for the best :)

Here's a little catch up on my life lately, since I didn't get to do a weekend wrap-up:

Top left: Me & Wrinkles in his cute Halloween pj's on his 3 month birthday!
Top right: Wrinkles being lazy like always!
Bottom left: My mini pumpkin on my desk at work that one of my co-workers gave me.
Bottom right: Me in the car on the way to go car shopping with Darren. 

Top left: It finally got cold cool enough to wear boots in Texas! Sort of.
Top right: The gym had free pizza & fruit on Monday night.. I chose fruit! Yay me!
Bottom left: Went to see Pitch Perfect with the fam on Sunday.. It was actually really funny!
Bottom right: My boys being crazy.. like always.

Spruced up the office a bit with all of my fall/Halloween decor! Makes me happy :)

& lastly, I decided to be a nice girlfriend and surprise Darren with a tennis racquet that he's been wanting for a while now. He was definitely surprised & LOVED it!

Well, I'm off to the gym now to get a good work-out in. Gotta look good in Cozumel! 

Until Next Time,

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