Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I got to cross a few things off of my fall bucket list this weekend :)

Saturday we took Wrinkles to get a bath/nails trimmed/ears cleaned, etc. & while he was busy doing all that jazz, Darren & I picked up my brother & sister & took them to lunch at Chili's then to look at Halloween costumes. We STILL don't have Halloween costumes & our party is getting closer & closer...Then we picked baby boy back up & the kiddos LOVED playing with him!

My brother Josh with Wrinkles!

My sister Courtney with Wrinkles! (please excuse the weird look on his face!)

Yesterday was my favorite! We went to a pumpkin patch called Dewberry Farm in Brookshire & with my best friend Shelby & her boyfriend Dustin & we had a BLAST! We took soooo many pictures, did a corn maze, picked pumpkins & saw animals. We'll definitely be going back next year. Apparently we were on the news & didn't even know it! When I showed up at work today, one of my co-workers came into my office & told me he saw me on the news last night at the pumpkin patch so I went to their website & sure enough... there we were! Too funny! Anyways.. Here's some pictures from the pumpkin patch. I'll try & limit them since we took like 5 million! :)

The funny photo op of farm animals! 

Our HUGE 23 pound pumpkin!

The entrance to the corn maze!

In front of the "Black Hole" 

Darren & I... In front of the restrooms, how cute! lol

Next weekend Shelby & Dustin are coming back over to carve our pumpkins we got! Ours was 23 pounds! HUGE!

Well I'm off to the gym now.. Only 41 days 'til our cruise so we gotta work on our vacation bods!!

Until Next Time,

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