Thursday, October 25, 2012

saw it. pinned it. did it. [menu board]

I am so excited for this link up!
I absolutely LOVE katie's blog. As I've said before, her blog is what inspired me to start my blog so when I saw that she was doing this link up I knew I had to do it.
I've made a ton of things from Pinterest so it was hard to pick just one to post today but I decided since I just posted a recipe yesterday I'll go with a craft!
Menu Board:
source (I liked the idea of this, but I knew I would want a different background for sure.)
It was super easy to make.
a frame (I got mine at michael's for $3)
a piece of scrapbook paper (I went with plain baby blue because I figured it would be easier to see the writing if the background was plain.)
letter stickers for the title and the days of the week
stickers (these are optional, but I love the stickers I used! I also got those from hobby lobby for $3)
I'm not going to list instructions because it's pretty self explanatory. I started typing the instructions and then thought, "this is ridiculous!" haha :)

my version!

Now, I'm linking up and you should too! :)

p.s. tomorrow will be AMAZING! I'm going to be seeing these beautiful faces & listening to their amazing voices! jealous? ;)
Until Next Time,

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