Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update [halloween party & luke bryan]

Hey y'all!
this weekend was busy busy busy! but so much fun!
friday night was the luke bryan/jason aldean concert with one of my best friends, chloe! saying that it was amazing is an understatement. we had SO much fun. even with the freezing cold weather & getting rained on a bit. luke is beautiful & talented.... & jason is great too. next time either of them are in the houston area you can count me in! with better seats next time! ;)
(luke is so sexy!)
(me & my beautiful best friend chloe)
obviously we had a blast :)
Saturday was Darren & I's halloween party. & I'm sad to say that we won the "procrastinators of the year" award. we literally waited til the day of our party to do EVERYTHING. the only thing that we actually bought ahead of time were the decorations. we woke up at 8:30 on saturday & went to buy all the alcohol, pick up the keg, pick up the margarita machine, pick up the ping pong table & pick up the food. (all of these things were at separate places. I mean it.. every. single. one.)
so there went our saturday. ha. luckily the party was a success & it was worth all the money & rushing!
(this is so us)
Sunday was spent recovering & nursing our hangovers. pretty sure we shouldn't have had all that [everclear] trashcan punch, margaritas, jello shots, beer & vodka shots! we definitely regretted it the next day!
we eventually got over the hangovers enough to go see "here comes the boom" at 9:15 at night & it was good! I'd recommend it if you wanna laugh!
anddd that's all I've got for ya!
see y'all tomorrow!
oh yeah. linking up even though it's a little late! :)
Until Next Time,

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