Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birchbox vs. Ipsy [glam bag]

Happy Tuesday all!

November was my second month getting a birchbox & my first month getting a glam bag so I thought it only appropriate that I compare the two.
If you don't know what they are, they are both a monthly subscription where you get a box/bag with 5ish brand name samples mailed to you each month for $10.
First up, in my birchbox this month was:

soy joy bars - cranberry flavor
fibre lash mascara
lulu organics-dry shampoo
color club nail polish
 stell cadente miss me eau de parfum

My favorite product in this box was: The nail polish. It's a good color & I'll probably wear it next.
My least favorite product in this box was: The soy joy. I'm an extremely picky eater & I just did not like it at all.
A pro to birchbox: I loveee the box & the pretty wrapping paper!

A con to birchbox: I didn't feel I got my $10 worth this month.
In my glam bag was:

bare minerals marvelous moxie lipgloss
starlet intense eyeliner

nailtini nail lacquer in millionaire
the balm meet matt(e) eyeshadow
benefit they're real! beyond mascara
My favorite product in this box was: ALL OF THEM!! I really can't pick a favorite. I absolutely adore the balm eyeshadows so I was REALLY excited to see one in my bag! I'm currently wearing the nail polish, mascara & eyeliner, & I wear the lip gloss every other day now!

My least favorite product in this box was: If I had to pick a least favorite, I would probably pick the eyeliner. Only because I use a really good one so this one is just a little weak in my opinion.
A pro to ipsy: You get a new make-up bag every single time!

A con to ipsy: I really didn't see one this month.
Which one did I like better?
This month ipsy won hands down. Birchbox couldn't even compare.
Which one was a better value?
Ipsy was definitely the better value this month. I use every single product & feel I got way more than I paid for.
I've decided that for now, I'll keep both subscriptions.
At least for a few more months because I feel that I can't get a true comparison with just one months worth of boxes

I'll do another post exactly like this one next month so y'all can judge for yourself which is better!

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  1. I had never heard of Glam Bag until recently. I currently get Birchbox but have been thinking about trying something new.

  2. so much fun stuff!! looks like a really neat idea!

  3. Hmmm maybe I need to sign up for Ipsy. I was thinking of doin Birchbox but I've heard a lot of people are disappointed.

  4. No idea they did stuff like this, I'm gonna need to get on that!! Birchbox is cute!! :)

  5. I've never heard of Ipsy. I'm going to investigate.

    I heard the same about Birchbox that Ashlyn did.

  6. I'm one of the people who was disappointed with Birchbox. I had it for about 8 months but started getting repeats and lots of things I never used.

    Ipsy is intriguing! I love makeup bags & clutches, so it's right up my alley. Thanks for the great review & comparison!

  7. I signed up for glam bag when it first came out, and my first bag was the second month they started. Sadly i cancelled after like 4 months because i was heading back to school and figured I should save the money. Now that I see your bag I'm considering going back! The first few months weren't anything too spectacular and the bags were kind of cheap. Looks like they stepped up their game though!

    xo michelle