Monday, December 10, 2012

The Biggest Mistletoe in Texas!

Is it really Monday again?!
At least I had a good weekend & I hope y'all did too!!

Friday night, Darren & I went & played bingo with my family.
They were having a Christmas special & gave out over $25,000 in cash & door prizes!
We thought for sure that out of the ten people in our group that ONE of us would win... but noooo.
The lady next to us won a digital camera & the lady across from us won an ipad 2.
But no luck for us :/
That's okay though, we still had a lot of fun & I got to spend time with my family which is always great!
We're some pretty funny people if I do say so myself ;]
My thirteen year old sister Courtney took over my phone for a little while & she took 200 pictures of herself.
LITERALLY. 200 pictures!!
She's lucky she's cute. haha.

Saturday was a lazy day. 
We stayed at home & cleaned a little then had a late lunch with Darren's family at a cajun restaurant that was pretty yummy!

That night we had some friends over for the UFC fights & while the fights were on I finally made myself an "about me" page! 
[took me long enough]
You can check it out here!

Yesterday we slept in a little which was sooo nice!
I'm NEVER able to sleep in anymore so I enjoy every extra minute I get.
We grabbed some lunch at the mall & did a little Christmas shopping.
I generally like to be surprised, but I found a necklace at forever 21 that I LOVED & wanted for my stocking so Darren went ahead & bought it for me.
It's this one, but silver.
I love silver & I love bows! It's perfect :]

you can find it here

Darren had a gift card to the movies left from his birthday so we decided to catch a movie. We saw "End of Watch" & it was SO good!
There was comedy, romance, drama, violence, suspense, sadness.
Literally everything all in one.
In case you don't know what movie I'm talking about, you can watch the trailer below :]

After the movie we rushed home to get ready because our friends, Jenny & Elvis, were on their way over with their puppy.
A friend of mine had told me on Friday that Texas's biggest mistletoe was traveling & this weekend it was downtown at market square so Darren & I decided it would be the perfect time to go take our Christmas card picture!
Plus, it's a dog park so we were able to bring Wrinkles like we wanted to :]
We took over 100 pictures!
Look at the size of that mistletoe!!
Here are some of my favorites:

I still can't decide which one to make our Christmas card picture..
Any suggestions?

Once we finished taking pictures we went to a bar called St. Danes that allows dogs & had $1 mimosas & the dogs got to play!

Jenny & Elvis's dog, Opie (named after the guy from Sons of Anarchy) is a doberman & he's only 10 weeks old but he already weighs 20 lbs!! 
Look how big he is already!! & those paws!

I'd say this weekend was a success ;]

linking up with sami!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a recipe & to share with y'all the ornament I got from my first ornament swap I participated in!!


  1. first, I have a doberman!! they are such cute dogs and soooo sweet!!
    love all your pics- can't decide which one is the best either!
    sounds like you had a great weekend!

  2. I LOOOVVEEE your hair dark!! Looks so pretty, and those pictures under the mistletoe are too cute, I'll hafta see if I can talk Kyle into it haha Glad you had such an awesome weekend! :]

  3. The pups are precious, and so were the pics!

  4. I never win anything either :( Looks like a great weekend!

  5. I have a pug too... yours is so cute!

  6. i know how you feel...i never win anything either :( but you do have a cute little sister...and a cute puppy too!!

  7. Kristen - thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Your puggie is super cute too! And he looks like a food beggar just like mine - shocking! :)

  8. Texas Mistletoe in Eastern Texas is a dioeciously plant -- that is, men and women blossoms are carried on separate plants. The blossoms are small and creamy-white in color. Only the women blossoms produce plant seeds, which are white-colored and included in a difficult, gelatinous pulp allowing the plant seeds to follow the debris of plants.