Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I feel like it was just Wednesday.
like yesterday.
but I guess I shouldn't complain, because that means only two more days til Friday.
it also means it's time for OHP with michelle :]
this one had me laughing so hard!

so true. wrinkles does this every single time we eat!

cutest christmas card!!!!

grinch cookies!

I neeeeed this bedroom, like now.

christmas list?

mmm . you had me at bacon :]

why don't I dress this cute?

too cute :]

want these!

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest
have a great wednesday!


  1. I love those boots. The lace boy briefs are too cute - and so are those Grinch cookies!

  2. I neeeed that bedroom, too! I am visiting from the link-up. Love your post!

  3. Those Grinch cookies look delicious!

  4. Lmfao to the Someecard! Hilarious! The bedroom is adorable! Any princesses dream! That red sweater top! I need it. Pair it with some black leggings and brown boots & bam! Love the whole outfit with the jeans and the purse! Love your pins! Great Taste hun <3 OMG & that christmas card!? ahhhh!

  5. so many fun pins! especially love that bed!

  6. I may or may not have just repinned half of the things you just posted. That mac and cheese is TO DIE FOR.

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. The pug photos are SOO cute! I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart

  8. omg that ecard! I laugh every time! Following over from Helene's blog...I'm a sponsor as well :-)!!!

  9. I'm going to have to repin some of these! Saying hi from Helene's blog ;)