Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Last week I was third to link up for OHP, this week I'm probably last.
I blame it on the new book that I started reading yesterday & finished today.
I can't help it, once I start reading a book I CAN'T put it down!

& as I write this post I'm listening to Luke Bryan's station on Pandora.
it makes me happy every time!
I've yet to find a song of his I don't like.

& I mean, c'mon.. just look at that face ;]

Anyways, on to my favorite pins for the week.

love this!

funny & true ;]

NEED these!

two of my favorite people ever

Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

scarf love


I think we could use a new rug, maybe two ;]

I'll be trying this next week! 

I want a chandelier... bad

seems simple enough


Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

linking up with the beautiful michelle, like usual :]

I'll be back tomorrow for saw it. pinned it. did it. with my two favorite bloggers in the world, katie & steph with a recipe! :]


  1. Ha ha ha I LOVE the e-cards one! That is so very true!!

  2. lol those first two photos...why are they my life?! haha!!!