Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Random Facts About Me & OHP

Last week, my blog bestie Ashley tagged me in a post to tell 5 random facts about me, so here we go!

1. My biggest insecurity has always been my teeth. 
I finally got braces the middle of last year. BUT I'm getting them off TODAY at 9 am!! (Before & After pictures will be up tomorrow! Prepare to be shocked!!)

2. I'm REALLY good at ping pong. 
The first time I played Darren, I hadn't played in quite a while & he had been playing pretty consistently & I beat him... easily!

3. My favorite movie is Something Borrowed. 
I've seen it literally at least 30 times! Sad, but true. Here's my favorite part:

4. I know more about UFC than probably any other girl out there. 
Darren has two passions: tennis & UFC. We really make an effort to take an interest in each other's passions which means that I've seen A LOT of UFC over the past 4 & a half years! My (well, really our) favorite fighter is Chael Sonnen:

5. I don't cry very often during movies, but I cry at almost every single wedding video I see. 
Like this one, I've seen it five times & I've cried every single time. I'm such a baby! ha

I'm tagging: 
Candice @ Just Stay Lovely

Now, on to my favorite pins for the week!

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  1. CONGRATS on getting your braces off today! How exciting :*). Love your pins! Especially the pink and sparkle mani & the last outfit :) Thanks for sharing ;) Have a lovely day!

  2. What an exciting day for you!!! Cannot wait to see those sparkly white straight teeth on Sunday!! :) And I just watched that wedding video and cried, ha!

  3. Thank you for tagging me. I can't believe you had braces- I don't see them in your pictures. YAY for them coming off this week. It must be so fun. :)
    An out door kitchen sounds amazing- but I feel it would need to be someplace that doesn't get snow. :p I also love the end of the year teacher gift.

  4. yay thanks for the tag friend!

    I HAVE SEEN THAT WEDDING VIDEO. I cried like a sap..and i cry at pretty much all of the ones I see and yet I still continue to watch them!!

    ps. obv love that teacher gift!

  5. Apparently I am not very observant! I honestly didn't even realize that you had braces!!!! YAY for you getting them off :) Best feeling ever. I had braces in junior high and high school and now my bottom teeth are jacked up again :( SAD DAY

  6. Great pins! So many I loved. I tried to re-pin the nail polish pic which I'm going to replicate today :) BUT it wouldn't let me. Have you had any trouble viewing that pic? Anywoo...stopping by from OHP linkup. Have a great day!

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  7. Clearly, I'm a little slow. Just noticed you tagged me, so thank you :) I'll definitely do this at some point.

    I wish I didn't cry during sad movies! I always do. It's really bad.

    I want that kitchen!

  8. wedding vids get me every time. such a sap :)

  9. THE MOST GORGEOUS wedding "vows" or words EVER!