Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Update

Morning lovers!

Let's start this weekend update with Thursday since I didn't blog on Friday!

Thursday night Darren & I went camping with some of our good friends. We took Wrinkles along with us & we had so much fun for it being just an overnight trip. Since it had rained the night before, the firewood was still a little wet so it took us FOREVER to get the fire started. Once we did, it was nice to just sit around the fire til about 2:30am. The only bad part was that it was FREEEEEZING once we got away from the fire! I was wearing sweatpants, two pairs of thick socks, THREE shirts, two jackets & two comforters & I was still freezing my butt off!!!

Friday we got back from camping around 4 and were beyond exhausted. We took showers, climbed in bed, watched a few episodes of Mad Men & passed out at 7!

Saturday we spent some time cleaning & I stopped by my mom's house to say hi before I headed to a babysitting job in the Woodlands. I babysat two of the cutest kids ever in the most AMAZING house! They were probably the easiest kids I have ever babysat.. gotta love that. I got off around 10:30 & picked Darren up to go see a movie. (What else is new? lol) We saw Evil Dead. Uhh, if you're looking for a movie that's freaky from beginning to end, you've got it!

Sunday we picked up the paper so I could go through the ads & cut some coupons. Once I saw Michael's ad I hopped in the car & rushed over as quick as I could because they're having some beyond amazing deals. I got a TON of stuff & only spent $28 :) I came home, cooked some dinner & then Darren & I took Wrinkles for a walk. We finished the night off with some more Mad Men!

1. Wrinkles at the campsite
2. Our gorgeous fire (after we FINALLY got it going)
3. Wrinkles trying to find shade on Friday
4. I'm in loveee with this tank from shopriffraff
5. Poor baby was trying so hard to stay awake on the drive home Friday, but he fell asleep sitting up!
6. Me & my brother Saturday night
7. I got my nails & toes done & Wrinkles approves ;)
8. Went & saw Evil Dead
9. My baby after we got back from a walk last night, tired but happy!

Can you tell I'm more than a little obsessed with my dog?! haha
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. More than half of the pictures are of Wrinkles, hahahahaha!!! I'm jealous of your bonfire! Where did y'all go camping? Somewhere close? I bet Wrinkles was freezing too!

  2. OMG!!!! That picture of him sleeping, sitting up... precious!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! :) This totally made my morning!

  3. You're Wrinkles is so cute.

  4. Our camping weekend is coming up soon! And I'm bringing my pup too! (Hopefully it goes well, she's a mess) Love the pictures of Wrinkes haha

  5. You're so brave to go camping when it's still a bit cold out! Warm weather for me or no camping at all!

    I saw Evil Dead too (and blogged about it!). It was just meh to me.

    I love the name Wrinkles!

  6. I can't watch scary movies to save my life. Nightmares for years! Your dog is sooo cute!

    xox - Heather

  7. Love that Wagon Wheel tank! I've seen a similar one online and I'm dying to get one.

  8. yay camping.. I am so ready for the weather to get warm up here so I can start playing outside!

  9. I'm visiting via the blog hop. I noticed the pug pic and HAD to click. I am pug Mom to an 8 year-old named Pita. But I have been obsessed with Pugs for 10 years. I am that crazy person who can spot a pug-walk from yards away and will go running over just to meet the the puglet.

    Dying over the pics of your pup - I can barely handle the cuteness.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Merch Maven