Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters & #backthatazzup

I'm starting this Friday out dancing & you should too. 
Here, I'll help ;)

Everytime I hear this song now, I think of that movie, "This Means War." The movie itself really wasn't all that good, but it makes me think of when Reese Witherspoon was singing & dancing in the kitchen in her underwear & I can't help but laugh, ha. Incase you haven't seen it... here you go. You're welcome.

Dear Coupons, I'm finally starting to use you again & I've got to say: I AM LOVING IT! I'm saving so much money & stocking up on tons of essentials! Dear Internet, thanks a lot for going out for almost two days.. that was really fun! not. Dear Weather, thank you for being so perfect & for continuing to be perfect throughout the weekend! Dear Ashley, Ax & Bowser, WE ARE SO BEYOND EXCITEDDDDD!!! Tomorrow is FINALLY the day!! :) :) 
Dear Printer Ink, why are you so dang expensive?! Dear Blog, get excited... I'm FINALLY paying for a blog design & it is long overdue! Can't wait!
Dear Houston Rockets, congrats on the playoffs! I'll be taking full advantage of your 50% off sale this weekend & picking myself up a Parsons jersey! :)
Dear Outlet Mall, see you Sunday!! ;) Dear Ecards, thank you for always being so damn funny. 

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  1. here's a tip on that printer ink and coupons girl! If you use HP, sign up for CVS coupons. When you get a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase, use it to buy the ink! usually they're on sale too so it makes it cheaper! I always do this!! Love this song! and definitely the scene of that movie. I feel like I do that way too often when I'm cooking lol

  2. TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW!!!!!!! We are so excited!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you, Darren and Wrinkles!!

  3. Love the song choice! Always cues a good dance move! The ecards always crack me up too! Yay that you like basketball ;-)
    New GFC follower from the linkup

  4. Lol MASH!! That brings me back..

  5. Woohoo! Excited to see your new blog design! I hear you on coupons. I love coupons!

  6. Your blog looks cool as it is, cant wait to see the updates! Iv been making heaps of changes to my blog lately but Im just on blogger so only have the basics really. Searching Google to figure out how to add page tabs and get it looking good with what I have. Takes a bit of time but worth it I think :) Good luck with it!

  7. Hahahaha onnn ecards. Also I just decided to get a design for my blog too! I just like shiny new things. Excited to see yours!

  8. I love e cards, they always seem to make me smile. I have also taken the leap to get a professional design done, mine should be ups and running soon. I wen through Beth Bradford ( mine, who did you go through?