Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update! [parties & the zoo!]

Friday night I went over to my friend, Jenny's house. We tried an at home body wrap that's supposed to release toxins & remove skin impurities... Yeah, I don't think it worked. It was just really, really cold & gross ha. After I left her house I picked Darren up & we met his brother up at BJ's for a few drinks. YUM!

Saturday I went to my good friend, Nana's graduation party because she just graduated from Nursing school. AND she also just got engaged right after as well! I'm so excited for her. Her party was fun & it was nice to see her & catch up. Saturday night we threw a dog birthday party... lol. Darren's brother's dog turned 1 & he wanted to have a birthday party for her so we set up a little party at our house & invited over a few of our friends & their puppy as well. We let the dogs play while the adults watched the UFC fights & played pictionary. SO much fun!

Sunday we went to the Houston Zoo with my mom, brother & sister. We had a ton of fun. My family is so goofy (especially my brother & sister who are 11 & 13) so we had a great time animal watching AND people watching, ha! My mom took us out to dinner afterwards & then we headed home & crashed.

1. Darren & I at BJ's
2. Nana's AWESOME pinterest-inspired Nursing school grad cake!
3. Nana & I... blurry, but it's the only one we took
4. Puppy party favors I made (can you imagine when we have kids?! lol)
5. Wrinkles giving the birthday girl a birthday kiss! :)
6. The pretty giraffe.. we have NINE giraffes right now at the Houston Zoo! So many!
7. Selfie!
8. Brother, momma, sister & me
9. Me & mom being goofy

How was your weekend?

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  1. That is an awesome cake!

    I love the doggy birthday party - and the fact that they're wearing hats! So cute!

    Your family sounds like a blast. :)

  2. I love the zoo! so jealous! I wish it was nice enough here to visit the zoo! :)

    also...doggie birthday...sounds GREAT :)

  3. I can't believe I never visited the zoo in Houston. It looks like you had such a fun weekend!

  4. Seems like you had an awesome weekend! I live in Philly and they just remodeled it, so I was hoping since its getting so nice out to make a zoo trip of my own :) never been to a doggie bday.. surprisingly since I'm such an animal lover. I should throw one for my babies!

  5. That cake is incredible!!! And you make puppy party favors?! BAHAHA!!! Darren is in for a treat when y'all have kids, ha! And I love the birthday hats, so cute!!!

  6. haha i love the idea of a doggie birthday!! I will definitely be hosting one for my new furbaby... i hope to get a new pup this summer when i move into my new apartment!

  7. Dog birthday parties are nothing short of amazing! :) I love that y'all did that! Haha! Happy 1st birthday doggie :)! P.S. LOVE your camera strap. It goes great with your pearly whites!

  8. what a fun weekend! if i had a dog, i'd totally have a dog party! oh and what kind of wraps did you try? i keep hearing about those it works wraps and i can't decide if they work or not!