Sunday, September 2, 2012

23 things to do before I turn 23

Hello all!
So, about 5 months ago I stumbled across a blog (I wish I could remember who's blog it was...) and I saw something she did that I really loved. She made a list of 33 things to do before she turned 33. It inspired me to make a list of my own. So... here is my list. I have until May 26th of 2013 to complete everything and I'll be tracking my progress every so often on my blog! :)
SKYDIVE – (I have ALWAYS wanted to skydive!)
EAT AT A CHINESE RESTAURANT (As silly as it sounds, I am the PICKIEST eater in the world… so eating at a Chinese restaurant is a big deal for me)
GO TO A [NICE] BEACH (Galveston does NOT count… It has to be a NICE beach)
READ A NEW BOOK SERIES (50 shades of grey – OBESSED!)
LOSE 15 POUNDS (I’m REALLY self-conscious about my weight these days. I mean, I’m not huge, but I’m just not completely comfortable with myself right now. I really need to get working on this one)
WORK ON PROJECT LIFE (I’ve seen lots of people pin things for “project life” & I think it’s so neat! I’ve started to do it… but it’s a lot to keep up with so I work on it whenever I have lots of extra time)
SAVE $10K (This is a biggie for me. I have ALWAYS been bad at saving money up until the last year or so and since I got a new job three months ago and DOUBLED my previous salary, it’s a lot easier to save now)
GO TO HOWL AT THE MOON (I’ve been to A piano bar, just not THIS piano bar. I’ve heard it’s the best and I really want to go)
RIDE A HORSE OR AN ELEPHANT (I’ve done both, but I’d like to do both again!)
GET BRACES (Now this is the BIGGEST one for me. If you know me, you know that the think I am most self-conscious about is my teeth. I have wanted braces ever since I can remember. I was told when I was twelve that I should wait a little while to see if my teeth moved at all because otherwise they would have to pull two teeth and they didn’t want to do that and well… my parents just never took me back. So finally on July 3rd of this year I got braces. (thanks to my mom for paying for them J) I got what are called “6 month smiles.” They’re a lot like normal braces except they’re stronger so they work a lot faster. The quote I got for normal braces was 3 years… My quote with 6 month smiles is 8 months. I should (hopefully) have my braces off in March!!! I CANNOT wait to have a beautiful smile like everyone else!)
COUPON EVERY WEEK (I learned to coupon a little over a year ago after I was inspired by the show “extreme couponing.” And while I’m definitely not “extreme” by any means, I can get a good amount of stuff for free when I take the time to sit down and plan it all out.)
GO BACK TO VEGAS (I went to Vegas last year for my 21st birthday and LOVED it! I can’t wait to go back!)
GET A COMMISSION CHECK OVER $2000 (My commission checks are generally decent, but not near $2000, it’s a personal goal for myself.)
GET ALL A’S AT LEAST ONE SEMESTER (Self explanatory. I’m not in school this semester, but I will be going back for a mini-mester this winter and I plan on getting all A’s for sure.)
WATCH SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (I think I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen this movie so I’m definitely going to watch it before I turn 23!)
GO ON A DAY OR NIGHT TRIP TO LOUISIANA (Ever since Vegas I’ve wanted to go to Louisiana for a day or night to gamble. Well, Darren and I went on a day trip one weekend last month to Coushatta and the next weekend we went on a night trip! It was so much fun!)
DO THE 52 DESSERT CHALLENGE (I saw this thing called the “52 cupcake challenge” on a blog about 6 months ago and I was inspired. Although I decided I want to make it a general dessert challenge versus just cupcakes. I plan on starting NEXT weekend!)
GET A NEW CAMERA (My brother’s gerbil chewed my camera cord about a year ago and they don’t sell the cord by itself so I had to buy a whole new camera. I FINALLY bought one back in May when I went to San Marcos and I LOVE it!)
BUY PHILLIP PHILLIPS CD (Phil was my favorite on American Idol from the beginning and I am SOOOOO proud and happy that he won! I mean come on, after hearing him sing Usher, I was sold! Haha. I’ll definitely be buying his CD when it comes out!)
LEARN TO SEW (I’ve always wanted to learn, and now that I’ve got pinterest showing all kinds of DIY sewing projects I really want to learn!)
GO ON A CRUISE (This will be coming true in November! Darren’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year and we’re taking a Caribbean cruise with my family for a week!)
SEE JASON ALDEAN & LUKE BRYAN (I don’t think I need to say anything here. It’s gonna be an AMAZING concert!)
GET A PUG (We’ve been talking about getting a pug for years now and since we FINALLY moved in together in June we finally got our baby boy on August 11th!!)
Well, there you have it! I hope you check back soon!
Until next time,

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