Monday, September 24, 2012

Puppy Photoshoot

This weekend was pretty eventful.
Friday night was my roommates birthday so he threw a party and there were like 35 people in our itty bitty house. The party was okay... I was just glad my bff Kat was in town from San Antonio to enjoy the lameness with me!
Saturday we took Wrinkles to get his last round of shots in the morning & then headed home so I could start getting ready and setting up for my passion party. Yes, I hosted a Passion Party! Well... technically they called it a "slumber party." Whatever, same diff. It was reeeeeally fun! She was pretty funny & we learned some new stuff. But I ended up spending waaaaay too much money on goodies. Good thing I got 40% off my order since I hosted the party ;)
After the party the boys were allowed to come home again so we decided to order the UFC fights. Bones Jones was fighting & if you knew me you'd know I LOVE UFC! I have Darren to thank for that.. and I'm glad! Chael Sonnen is my fave fighter!!
Yesterday we cleaned up in the morning and decided to grab Outback for lunch. YUMMY!! Then we were gonna go see a movie but I had a brilliant idea... I said we should take Wrinkles to the park for the first time so he wouldn't be cooped up in his cage all day and Darren agreed. So we took Wrinkles to Meyer park... He LOVED it!! Here are some pictures I snapped while there:
He was as happy as could be! & so was I cause seeing him happy makes me a happy momma! :)
That's all I've got for tonight... Catch ya later!

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