Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random random random

So I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, watching Awkward. Yes.. I do watch Awkward. I have to admit when I saw the previews a loong time ago I thought it looked like the stupidest show ever, but one day it was on & nothing else was so I watched it... and fell in love! Can't wait to see who Jenna picks! (Hopefully Maddie.)
Anywho. I have pinned over 200 recipes on pinterest. Well, 275 to be exact. And I've tried quite a few of them. The other night I tried "OMG chicken." I asked a few of my co-workers about it & they all said they had made it before & it was delicious. The only ingredients were chicken, mayo, parmesan cheese & breadcrumbs.. Sounds good, right? WRONG! It wasn't very good... The breading fell off pretty easily and it didn't have a whole lot of flavor. I even took step by step pictures so I could post the recipe and instructions on here but I'm doing you guys a favor by keeping them to myself.
Here's a glimpse into my weekend via instagram:
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Top left: Me at work on casual Friday holding my shirt over my nose. There should REALLY be a rule against heating up fish in the microwaves at lunch. Especially since they're right next to my office! Gross!
Top Right: Me & my brother josh at bingo Saturday night.. He's cray cray.
Bottom left: Me & my sister courtney at bingo. She's even crazier. But reallllly funny! & little miss popular now that she's in 8th grade.
Bottom right: Wrinkles crawling right up to the camera. He's used to the bright flash in his face by now since I take 023849283 pictures of him ALL THE TIME!
Well... There you have it. I know I'm realllllllllly random, but hopefully you'll get used to it :)
Tomorrow is my "weekly weigh-in" so be sure to check back to see my progress!!
Until next time,

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